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Awlgrip T0005 Hot Weather Reducer
    Awlgrip T0005 Hot Weather Reducer
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    • SKU: AWL_T0005-QT
      Awlgrip T0005 Hot Weather Reducer

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    Item: AWL T0005-QT
    MFG #: OT0005/1QTUS Hot Weather Reducer for Urethane Topcoats Use T0005 in Awlgrip/Awlcraft 2000/Awlcraft Topcoats when application and cure temperatures are 90-105 ºF (32-41 ºC). T0005 is most often used as an additive, blended with other spray reducers to improve flow. T0005 is seldom a sole reducer. At lower temperatures (below 90 ºF/32 ºC) T0005 can be blended at any ration with other Awlgrip topcoat reducers to improve flow with those products or increase the evaporation rate of T0005. T0005 has a very slow evaporation rate; using T0005 at temperatures below 75 ºF (24 ºC) may result in very long dry and tape times. Product Data Sheet